Where does the name Forty West come from?

Our owners are Jackson, TN natives. They decided to honor the area they know and love and named the company after our office location, just off of interstate 40 West. 

Where do you ship from?

Our Warehouses are located in Jackson, TN.

Do you all dropship?

We do not.

What markets do you all participate in?

You will be able to find us at all four major markets. Below are our show information and our location. 

AmericasMart (Atlanta)

Building 1, 12-E-12


TradeMart 2402

Las Vegas 

Building A 332 - NEW!

High Point 

IHFC - W446

Do you all have a catalog?

We do! pick one up at our showrooms during markets, contact your Rep or office to request one, and we have a downloadable version on our website under our "RESOURCES" tab.

If you are not a vendor use our vendor locator to locate a vendor near you they should have one for you to view or browse our entire line here on our site. 

Do you all have fabric samples?

We do. please contact our office at [email protected] to request one be sent to you. 

Please include the following:

Business name, address, and fabric you would like. 

Do you all sell directly to consumers?

We do not, however, we do have many approved vendors across the US. We encourage you as a consumer to head over to our "Locate A Dealer" tab and contact the rep for the state you're located in, they will provide you with a list of approved vendors near you. 

How do I locate one of your vendors near me?

Visit our "Locate A Dealer" tab to locate your state reps' contact information. They will provide you with a list of vendors near you. 

What are your requirements for opening an account?

You can start your registration online, through one of our sales reps, or in person at Market. You will be asked to fill out a new customer form, send in your resale tax ID (the state of TN requires us to have it on hand for each customer). Once you've filled out the necessary documents our staff will review your application for approval. You will then have to meet the minimum opening order of $2,500. 

* You must spend $2,500 over the course of a year to remain active. Otherwise, you must reopen, or in highly condensed areas you may not be allowed to reopen.

How do I get in touch with my Sales Rep if I am a vendor?

Most of the time our sales reps will reach out to you as soon as your account is open. If not, you are more than welcome to reach out to us and we will provide you with your sales reps' contact information you can also find their email under our "Locate A Dealer" tab on our website.

You can email us, call us, or send us a message on one of our social media platforms. 

What is your lead time? 

If the item is in stock and we are operating at normal order levels, it usually takes three weeks. However, due to the ever-changing nature of our industry if the item is out of stock it could be three or four months.   

What can I (approved vendor) do if my merchandise arrives damaged?

Please note damage and make sure you take as many pictures possible of the merchandise, in and out of the box if possible.  Head over to our "Claims" tab to submit your claim and our office will contact you regarding your claim.